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Albina Viduniute Baliutiene Zekas


about 1890, birth

This one will be short and sweet.

I found a record for a Miss Albina Viduniute who married Julijanas Zekas in Pennsylvania.  At first, I thought they were the same Zekas family with Albin and Josephine as children living in Pittsburgh PA, but then I found the marriage record for Josephine who lists her mother's maiden name as Green.  Well, just goes to show you that you cannot extrapolate information unles you truly! know it absolutely connects with your person.

Albina Viduniute 1910 marriage
We can glean quite a bit of information from this document, but not nearly enough, don't you know.  The marriage was 29 May 1910 in Lawrence Massachusetts.  Her maiden name was Albina Viduniute (the female unmarried variation on Vidunas), and that, at the tender age of 20, she was already a widow, and her first husband was Baliutas (her married name would be Baliutiene) and that he died before 1910.  

We know that her new husband is Julijanas Zekas, and her new married name would be Albina Zekiene.  Based on his age on the marriage document, we can calculate he was born about 1887 in Lithuania to parents Mykolas Zekas and Antanina Jenavyciute Zekiene.  His address is 125 Elm, Lawrence MA and he is a Mill Operative.

Albina was born about 1890 in Lithuania to parents Ipolitas Vidunas and Mare Zitkauckyte Viduniene.  The document shows this is her second marriage and that she is widowed.  Her address is 82 Allen, Lawrence MA, and she also is a Mill Operative.

They were married by Reverend A. Jusaitis, a Priest. 

I have run several searches but found nothing I can really claim for this family.  Here is her profile on Family Search as well as her Profile.

Interestingly, on my Legacy Family software I have Ipolitas Vidunas with no marriage, a child of Kazimeras and Ona Zautraite Vidunas.  Are they the same man?

So, that's it!  Not much.  If you have information to add, let me know using the comment form on the right, or make a comment below.  Hope this information finds the right Vidunas folk!

Miscellaneous Information

Mill Operative

So, let's explore some other things.  We can look at the occupations, Mill Operative.  What was it like to work in the mills?  A google search with terms including 1910 Mill Operative Lawrence MA came up with some interesting information.  It is a non-creditable source, but Wikipedia is a good place to start your search.  We will both start and finish here.  

1912 Lawrence Textile Strike 1.jpg
Massachusetts militiamen with fixed bayonets surround a group of peaceful strikers
from WikiPedia

Two years after our happy couple married, the textile industry in Lawrence Massachusetts went on strike.  Apparently, the manufacturer applied a two hour pay cut because the law changed making hours shorter for women.  The Industrial Workers of the World started the strike which eventually included nearly every mill in Lawrence.  It lasted for more thant two months in the darkest part of winter.  People died, people were framed.  IWW leaders finally sent the hungry children around to sympathetic families in New York, New Jersey, and Vermont in an effort to create a sympathy vote.  This brought about congressional hearings, exposure of the shocking conditions in the mills, and ended when the mill owners decided to give workers raises of up to 20 percent.  A year after that, however, the IWW was effectively broken in Lawrence.   1912 Lawrence textile strike, Wikipedia


Julijanas Zekas address was 125 Elm, Lawrence MA.  Let's see what that looks like today.

One single map to show where both Julijanas Zekas
and Albina lived.  Blue circle is his place, pink circle is hers.
Check out how close proximity they were.  And, just off the bottom of this screenshot is Washington Mills, were I believe they worked.

125 Elm Street

125 Elm Street

Well, there isn't really 125 Elm Street, so we will look and move on.

Albina Viduniute address was 82 Allen, Lawrence MA.  Let's see ....

82 Allen
It is confusing for this address, as well.  I think this is the place, but.  Oh well.

The Mill where they worked

Washington Mills
from Google Map

You can see how close the mill was to where they lived.  I don't know for sure, but I think they would have worked close to where they lived.

Overhead view of Washington Mills
from Google Maps Satellite 2018

Washington MIlls Lofts
from Google Maps Street view 2018

This is the front of the Mills, which has been made into apartment lofts.

1910 Advertisement Cola
from The Des Moines Register, Des Moines IA
10 September 1910
downloaded from March 2017

Wikipedia. (2018). 1912 Lawrence textile strike. Retrieved from Wikipedia:

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Alis Vidunas #NotMyVidunas

Alis Vidunas was the mayor of Vilnius.  He was born 8 November 1934 in the village of Reketija, Marijampole municipality, and died 19 February 2009 in Vilnius.

He studied 1952-1958 at Kaunas Politechnical Institute, Faculty of Hydrotechnology and became a professional engineer.  From 1992 to 1995 he was the mayor of Vilnius.  After that, he was the marketing director of Greitkelis Ltd.

His wife, Grazina Viduniene is an economist.

His son, Vytis Vidunas is a Sanskrit professor and the former head of the Centre of Oriental Studies at Vilnius University.

According to Lietuvos Respublikos, Alis Vidunas was nominated by Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives).  He can speak Russian as well as Lithuanian, was a member of the Mountain Ski Federation, and was involved in sports. 

Well, I take it back.  He is my third or fourth cousin once removed.  We share the same ancestor, Stanislovas Vidunas who was born in 1762 (Volungevicius, 2013).  It seems that my theory that every Vidunas is related so far holds up to scrutiny.

Alis Vidunas
(Ignatavicius, 2014)


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Albert Vidunas Pennsylvania #NotMyVidunas

This is Albert Vidunas of Pennsylvania.  However, as far I know, this is #NotMyVidunas.  Is he part of your family?  Let me know.

1920 Census, Pittsburgh PA #NotMyVidunas

Albert Vitunas, 1920 Census Pittsburgh PA

Albert Vitunas, age 5, born about 1915 Pennsylvania.  Home on Larkins Way, Pittsburgh Ward 16, Allegheny PA.  Parents are Paul and Mary Vidunas, both born Lithuania.  Paul age 42, Mary age 28, Edward age 6, John age 3, Adalaide age 1.  Is this the Albert Vidunas I seek?  It could be, except for a couple of things.

  1. The spelling of the last name is only slightly wrong.  If you say the name out loud, you can see how this could be a spelling variation.
  2. The mother's name in the Census is "Mary" while my Albert's mother is Valeria.  I suppose the census taker could have heard the name "Mary"
  3. While the first two children, Edward and Albert are in the correct order, and with the correct birth dates, I have Anthony "Gus", Constance, and William as the next siblings for my Albert, while this census has John and Adalaide.  Now that I look at it, I don't think this is my family, but I will keep my finger to mark this spot.  If you have any insight, let me know.

1930 Census, Butler PA #NotMyVidunas

Albert Vedunis (Albert Gedunis or Albert Vedunio)
born about 1898 in Pennsylvania, he is the single head of this family. He owns his own home worth about $4,000, and -- like my family -- he works as a laborer in the Coal Mines.  His parents were both born in Lithuania.

Albert Vedunis/Gedunis/Vedunio 1930 Census
Butler, Shuylkill PA

He lives with Margaret age 44, Helen age 16, and Joseph age 14.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Albert Vidunas Pennsylvania

Finally!  This Albert Vidunas actually IS my Vidunas! He is my third great aunt's great nephew.  OK, so it's a round-about way, but there are family strings attached.

Albert Vidunas Family Group Sheet
from Legacy Software 2017

1914 Birth

born 25 November 1914 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  Sources for this information are his Social Security Death Index, and his World War II Draft Card, both of which we'll explore later on.

1916, brother Anthony "Gus" Vidunas was born in Pittsburgh

1917, sister Constance Vidunas was born in Pennsylvania

1920, brother William Vidunas was born 20 January in Pittsburgh

 I actually don't have a 1920 census for this family.  Wonder why not?

1921, brother Joseph Vidunas was born just after Christmas, Pennsylvania

1923, brother Jerome Vidunas was born 28 July in Pittsburgh

1924, brother Harry Vidunas was born in Pennsylvania

1925, sister Helen Vidunas was born 17 February in Pittsburgh.

1925, son of Paul and Mary Vitunas?  Or son of Paul and Valeria Vidunas?

The Daily News (Mount Carmel, PA)
6 March 1925, page 7.
Downloaded February 2017

Albert Vidunas of Girardville was in the Fountain Springs Hospital for an operation.  Girardville is southwest of Wilkes-Barre, and about 4 hours east of Pittsburgh.  

1930 age 10, Census Pittsburgh PA, son of Valeria

1930 Federal Census, Pittsburgh PA

Albert Vadunas (Albert Vadwnas), born about 1915 PA.  1925 Sidney Street, Pittsburgh, Allegheny PA (17th Ward, Block 30).  Mother and father born Lithuania.  Valeria age 35, Edward age 16, Constance age 13, William age 11, Joseph age 8, Harry age 6, Ellen age 5

Albert Vidunas 1930 Census, 1925 Sidney Street, Pittsburgh PA
Google Maps 2018
Albert Vidunas 1930 Census, 1925 Sidney Street, Pittsburgh PA
Google Maps Street View July 2017

The green narrow house is the house we are looking at.  It seems very narrow and claustrophobic, doesn't it?  According to Zillow, it was built in 1920, and currently has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.  It is 1280 square feet.

1935 Pittsburgh PA, son of Valeria

living 125 South 21st Street, Pittsburgh PA according to 1940 Census.  See screenshots of this area at the 1940 census, below

1939 Pennsylvania

Albert Vidunas held on charges of forging a money order
The Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh PA, 16 Feb 1939, page 17
downloaded March 2017 from

I have no idea whether this is my Albert Vidunas is, but he lives in Pittsburgh PA.  It looks like he made a bad decision, and it looks like it was a one-time thing.  Hopefully, he steered clear of Stanley Slinskey after this!

1940 Census, Pittsburgh PA, son of Valeria

Albert Vidunas 1940 census
Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania; Roll: T627_3666; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 69-486

Albert Vidunas, age 25, born about 1915, home Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.  125 South 21st Street.  Lived same place in 1935, not a farm.  Occupation is Laborer, highest grade completed was 8th grade.  64 days of unemployment, class of worker is wage or salary worker in Government work.  Living with Valeria 46, Edward age 26, Anthony age 23, William age 20, Joseph age 18, Harry age 16, Helen age 15.

Take a look at that address as of 2016.  It looks like the building was torn down, and that spot is now used for parking.  That's what I think, anyway.  If so, those would have been very narrow streets, indeed.

Albert Vidunas 1935 1940 Census, Pittsburgh PA
Google Maps

Albert Vidunas 1935 1940 Census, Pittsburgh PA
Google Maps Streetview 2016


The Pittsburgh Press (Pittsburgh PA)
30 October 1940, page 20.
Downloaded March 2017

Albert Vidunas, 125 South 20th Street, Pittsburgh PA one of the first drawn for the draft.  World War II.

WWII Draft Card

Albert Vidunas 1940 WWII draft card side 1
note his signature

Albert Vidunas, addres 125 So. 20th Street, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA
No telephone, age 25 years, born 25 November 1914, Pittsburgh PA
Mother Valeria Vidunas will always know his address, and she also lives at the same place.
His occupation is at the John Mackin (Arcade Bowling Alley), 1915 Carson Street, Pittsburgh.

As of 2017, this address is a Rite Aide pharmacy.  The shape of the building certainly looks like it could have been a bowling alley.

Albert Vidunas 1940 WWII draft card side 2

The back side of the card indicates he is white, weight 160, light complexion, blue eyes, blonde hair, height 6'2" and he has a scar on his left hand.
Records of the Selective Service System, 147; Box: 2595.  From U.S. WWII Dra Cards Young Men, 1940-1947 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.

1977 Pittsburgh PA

Albert Vidunas 
. Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014 
in the U S., 
Last Residence: 
State (Year) SSN issued: 
Source Citation 
Nu mber: 162±-3871; Issue State Pennsytwnia; Issue Date: Before 
Source Information 
Albert Vidunas 
15203 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA 
25 NOV 1914 
Jan 1977 
Pennsylvania (Before 1951) U.S., Socjcl SecuntyƦath Index, 1935-2014 (database on-line). Prcn.o, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2011. 
Original data: Social Secu rity Administration. Sccjcl Security Death Jndex, Master File. Social Security Administration. 
The Social Secu rity Administration Death Master File contains information on millions of deceased individuals with united States social security numbers whose deaths were 
to the SOCiƦl Se•Cu rity Administration. Birth for the individua IS listed from 1875 to last Information in these records birth date, death 
date, and last residence. 
z 2018,
Albert Vidunas found on Social Security Death Index

Albert Vidunas.  162-18-3871.  Last residence 15203 Pittsburgh, Allegheny PA.  Born 25 November 1914, died Jan 1977.  SSAN issued Pennsylvania before 1951
Social Security Administration, Social Security Death Index, Master File.  Social Security Administration.  from 2017

1977 death notice 

The Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh PA
26 January 1977, page 55
downloaded 5 March 2017

Albert Vidunas died on 25 January 1977, son of Valeria, brother of Edward, William and Mrs. Helen Soult of Brooksville FL.