Saturday, December 24, 2016


Welcome to the blog specifically about my Genealogy research on the Vidunas surname.  The families immigrated from Lithuania to the United States, primarily Pennsylvania.  Many of them worked the coal mines.  The name can be found in several states including California and Massachusetts.  Although my family history includes this name, I wanted to research every instance of Vidunas in the United States, to find my own ancestors in Lithuania if possible.  I suspect all US Vidunas' are actually related. 

I am not yet sure how this blog will proceed, don't know how it will end, but I want to collect the Vidunas information I have found into one place.

One thing to note when researching Lithuanian surnames is the way females take on the last name.  Married women end in "-iene," as in Viduniene.  Unmarried females end with "-aite," as in Vidunaite.  Sometimes this is frustrating, but it can be helpful when you find an unnamed child with the last name ending with -aite.  This is a clue that this child is female, is married, and her husband's name.

Comments are welcome, contact me with information and/or corrections.  I'm not perfect, and will consider all suggestions, especially those with proofs.

Luzerne, Pennsylvania