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Joseph Vidunas 1911-1945 part 2

1929 Joseph Vidunas
age 17, front
photo owned 
by W.A. Vidunas
1929 Joseph Vidunas
age 17, back
photo owned
by W.A. Vidunas
We left the story with Andrew Yorski’s addition to the family in 1922, when he married Mother Mary Sadausky Vidunas.  This was Andrew's first marriage at age 35, and Mary herself was 35 years old.

In 1920, according to the Federal Census, Louis age 20 and John age 17 are employed, Stella, Joseph and Anne are still in school.  I forgot to mention that Joseph had another sister, Mary, who was born when he was age 2 and died the next year.  We’ve explored possible family dynamics, although I don’t have any proof one way or another.  We’ve seen the houses where they lived, even though those addresses are the 2016 version from Google Maps and Google Maps Data (Google, 2016).

1930s Joseph, Stella, Mary, Anne, either Louis or John

In the decade as he was growing up, Aircraft was first used in war by the US, the Red Baron is killed during WWI (Pearson, 1910 The People History, 2017) and the influenza epidemic Spanish flu kills over 500 thousand in the US (America's Best History, 2016).  World War I ends, women get the vote, and $100 then would be equivalent to $1023 in 2009 money (Pearson, 1920 The People History, 2017) .

The 30's were a time when the depression caused by the wall street crash in late 1929 caused the world to undergo a fundamental change in lifestyles , and as part of the change some new radical politics became popular as seen in the rise of Fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism (Pearson, 1930 The People History, 2017).

The 30's also provided a strange phenomenon never repeated where bank robbers and murderers were thought of as celebrities ( a sort of modern Robin Hood ) which in truthfulness they did not rob from the rich to give to the poor just to rob and murder any who got in their way (Pearson, 1930 The People History, 2017).

1930 Census, AnnArundel MD
We next find Joseph in the 1930 Census as a soldier in the US Army, located at Fort George G. Meade, in Ann Arundel, Maryland.  Interestingly, he is listed as a soldier Musician.  I don't have any information as to what instrument he played.  Wouldn't it be fascinating to find out he played the Tuba or the Bass Violin like his son did in the Air Force?  Would that mean that music is genetic?

Meanwhile, the rest of the family is in Kingston, at 20 Penn Street.  Andrew Yorski age 42 is the head of the household.  He owns the house with a value of $4,000.  They apparently did not own a radio.  Mary is 45 years old, and was 16 when she first married, while Andrew was 34 at his first marriage.  
1930 Census, Kingston PA
Lewis the stepson is 27, is married at age 24
John is 24 and single 
Anna is 13 and single, attending school
Joseph Vidunas, 1930s
photo owned by William A. Vidunas

1944 Joseph A. Vidunas
owned by William A. Vidunas
1944 Joseph Vidunas
owned by William A. Vidunas

1944 Joseph A. Vidunas
owned by William A. Vidunas

Balloon Barrage article
from Life Magazine
(Gooley, 2012)
Postcard Barrage Balloon
(Clancey, n.d.)

1940 Kingston PA
Andrew and Mary Yorski

Navy Ship Manifest showing
Tech Sgt Joseph Vidunas heading
towards Canal Zone because of
the attack on Pearl Harbour
(, 1941)

1945 Headstone Joseph Vidunas, Netherlands

Okay.  I've sat on this post for long enough.  I'm so excited about the new information I've just discovered so I post this incompleted unit for your inspection.  As always, I appreciate constructive criticism and suggestions.

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