Monday, May 15, 2017

Mystery Monday -- Hipolite, Hypolite, Ipolitas

Pennsylvania, Birth Records, 1906-1908 from
Hipolito Vidunas and Maggie Poscavage had a son Albin
It looks as if Daddy delivered his little boy

I started researching an interesting name.  First, it was Hipolite Vidunas, the father who delivered his own baby, Albin, at home in 1906 (see birth certificate above).  This was in Schulkill Pennsylvania.  One would think with a name like this, it should be easy to find.

1896 Hypolit Widunis, age 19,
Hamburg Passenger List

Hypolit Widunas, age 27
right side of page, ninth surname up from bottom
1899 Hamburg Passenger List

Then I discovered that Augustus W. Vidunas' sister, Elzbieta was on a ship to America, and was going to visit her brother Hipolite Vidunas.  This Hipolite is married to Valeria.  In the 1912 record below, he is "Ipolitas."  How can we be more confusing?!

Feb 1912 marriage record
Ipolitas Vidunas and Valerija Lucinskiute

I deduced that the pronounciation must be hip-POLL-it-uh.  His name would be Americanized to Paul.  Also, the Polish spelling is Ipolitas.  I also found one Paulitas.  Here, in 1925, his death record (below) again is spelled Hipolite (pronounced still, hip-POLL-it-uh).  His parents George and Rose have Americanized names (Lit = Jurgis and Rozalija), why not Paul?  I'm sure this is the same person because his wife is the same.

1925 Death certificate Hipolite Vidunas
wife Valeria Vidunas
parents George and Rose Savakinas Vidunas

So, I have found three Hipolites and one Ipolitas.  And nobody's wife matches up.  AND, I find bald spots on the top of my head, undoubtedly from frustration..

I found another one on  Hypolite and Mary Helandzesyte Vidunas had one son, Bronislaus.  I have a Bronislaus I'd found earlier, but he is married to Mary, no kids so far.

Ipolitas Vidunas is Augustus W. Vidunas' aunt's brother
Augustus W. Vidunas -- Ona Viduniene his mother -- Petras Paliutis her brother -- Ona Paliutiene his wife -- Ipolitas Vidunas her brother

Ipolitas "Paul" Vidunas is Agustus W. Vidunas' aunt's nephew (Which is's contorted way of saying they are cousins)
Augustus W. Vidunas -- Ona Viduniene his mother -- Petras Pauliutis her brother -- Ona Paliutiene his wife -- Jurgis "George" Vidunas her brother -- Ipolitas "Paul" Vidunas his son

So, what you, dear reader, can do is to comment if you also have similar problems, how you've solved it (assuming you did solve the dilemma), and any suggestions you have for me.  Are my premises and assumptions correct?  I am open to suggestions.

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